SP24 Conference is live

For those who did not have the time or resources to attend the latest US  SharePoint conference, head over to SP24.com The SP24 conference is 24 hours of excellent resources, head on over and catch the sessions now.

Click to go to the site and register

What is SP24 (from sp24.com)

  • SP24 lasts for 24 hours and will follow the sun from New Zealand to Hawaii.
  • SP24 will feature speakers that are voted for by the community.
  • SP24 will have over 100 sessions from speakers all over the world
  • SP24 has 4 tracks (2 live, 2 prerecorded), with session which appeal to Business Users and technicians such as developers and adminsitrators.
  • SP24 is going to be held entirely on-line.
  • SP24 is following a similar format that has already proved to ​be really successful at two TFT13 conferences.
  • The SP24 conference will be run using this site which is built on SharePoint 2013 hosted by Fpweb.net.