Microsoft leader in Enterprise Social

SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer

Microsoft have recently been named as leaders ( with Yammer) in Enterprise Social by Forrester.

IBM, Microsoft, and are Forrester wave Leaders and In a
Position To Be Market Leaders

What this means is that there are still the other big players and social tools (Jive, Salesforce, IBM, Zimbra) but noen of these can match the true end to end working and collaboration piece offered with Yammer, SharePoint and Office 365. The integration of the tool-sets is increasing and competing vendors are increasingly going to find themselves in a silo’d application space that just cannot offer the breadth of collaborative tools provided by Microsoft.
Office 365 Social

Office 365 Social

This is the predicted end of the on-premise SharePoint social

Lets face it. The on-premise SharePOint social offerings were never quite good enough. SharePoint 2010 was clunky at best, and even though third party tools tried to bridge that gap, ended up providing another solution which required separate databases and full trust solutions to integrate.
SharePoint 2013 was better, but even from the first outing of SharePoint 2013 at SPC12, Microsoft were steering people away from using its in built social as it readily admitted that it hadn’t been able t integrate Yammer as quick as it would have liked after the acquisition.
In essence, On-premise SharePoint social is dead. We have steered customers away from it for some time, and some are able to start afresh with Yammer. It is not the only on-premise element that MS will end up culling, with the cloud-first, device first strategy, SharePoint on-premise is, unfortunately going to be increasingly cast aside as the poor cousin of Office 365.

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