Microsoft Office 365 and Azure EU data protection and privacy

Microsoft is leading the way with respect to data privacy

Microsoft has become the first and only company to obtain approval from the EU with respect to data protection and privacy law. In April this year, Microsoft obtained EU recogitiion and approval of its cloud based services including Azure, Office 365, Dynamics and Intune offerings.

This means that businesses can not only be assured by Microsoft’s uptime SLA of around 99.95 – 99.98% , something which you would be hard pressed for any data centre or third party to match, but also now be assured that data stored is subject to the EU’s data protection and privacy laws, no matter where it may reside.

Of course, this does not mean that Microsofts data is 100% secure, as no system is infallable as we have seen from the latest heartbleed vulnerabilities, the NSAs tapping of Internet data cables, systematically hoovering up data and the need to respond to appropriate law enforcement requests for criminal investigations. However, for the vast majority of businesses and organisations, this is as good as it gets for certifying Office 365 data is classified the same as if it were stored in your own data centre.