Office 365 and AZURE SOLUTIONS

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What is it?

Office 365 Explained

Think of your familiar Office suite of programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook etc.

Think of the additional Microsoft products that you may or may not be using but absolutely should if you want to be productive. These include things such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Business Intelligence.

Now, then think of all of the IT related servers needed to run these.
OK, now think of the time, effort, cost and resource to maintain these, not to mention downtime.

Now, imagine being able to access all these from any device, any location, always having the latest version, being able to run on IPADs and smartphones, virtually no downtime AND saving you money.

THAT, is Office 365 and more!

Increased reliability – Over 99.9% uptime

Office 365 is backed by a 99.9% Service Level Agreement uptime guarantee and in practice has been much higher with 99.98%, 99.97%, 99.94% and 99.97% respectively over the last quarters.

That means less than 6 hours outage PER YEAR. Can your IT department beat that across Exchange, SharePoint and other systems combined?

Without having to focus on patching, maintenance, upgrades and backups, your IT department can focus on the more important tasks which can truly provide value to your business.

Increased reliability, enhanced productivity, and Enterprise class solutions give your business the tools it deserves.

Business benefits

Make your business more productive by enabling access to files and information from their smartphone, tablet or ANY computer without VPNs!

Be able to share information and large files easily with partners without the usual email size limits or FTP solutions with OneDrive for Business!

Be able to search and discover information across Email and SharePoint instantly with new eDiscovery tools!

The Technology

Office apps you know and love are now enhanced by allowing editing and collaboration through the browser.

Exchange Online provides your email for you to connect via Outlook, tablet, phone or web browser.

SharePoint Online provides your Teams file storage and can be used for your one stop shop Company Intranet.

Yammer provides the true business social networking helping users collaborate faster and more effectively.

PowerBI, provides natural language data search to provide you the answers you need.

Lync provides online voice and video conferencing, plus automated voicemail functionality.