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Office 365

Office 365 has become Microsoft’s fastest growing business and consumer product, ever.

Simply put, Microsoft has made it’s biggest commitment yet to Office 365.


Find out about each of the components of Office 365 below

With the more advanced versions of Office 365, you get a FULL copy of Microsoft office to use on up to 5 devices.Not only that, even if you are in a café, airport or computer without Office installed and need to edit, you can enable either the on demand version, or access Office documents through a standard web browser.

Better than that, there are multiple apps for Android, Windows phone, iPhone and now the IPAD which give you access to your Office documents on the go, without the worry about using non compatible programs to view and edit.

This new way of working means that business no longer have to worry about the single copy installed on a company laptop, as Office is now truly anywhere.

SharePoint has revolutionised businesses ability to be able to store and find information. If you are still using file shares for storing and sharing documents, then you are at a disadvantage to your competitors who can quickly store and search for information instantly across the company. SharePoint can do so much more than that though. How about using it for a company Intranet? Or a replacement for manual form based processes such as holiday requests and expenses? SharePoint can also be used to develop custom applications for your business, all within one cohesive browser experience.
Exchange is integral to Office 365 and provides the familiar email functionality you will probably already be used to. Many Office 365 migrations start out as merely an E-mail migration project but quickly utilise the other benefits that Office 365 provides
Whilst SharePoint is great for formal document management and collaboration, OneDrive is your personal local copy of files stored on SharePoint or your PC
Office 365 can also become your public facing website. With Office 365 and the latest SharePoint release, the capabilities and flexibility have been massively enhanced to enable quick and professional looking websites for your business
With Office 365, you are always using the latest version of the Office productivity software. Whether you are using the online only tools, or have the Office suite (Word, Excel PowerPoint etc) included, you can be safe in the knowledge you will always be up-to-date